Lutherstadt Eisleben is the cultural, administrative and economic centre of the district Mansfelder Land. Eisleben is situated on the periphery of Halle's and Leipzig's industrial areas. Eisleben’s excellent road connections are a positive factor for the economic development of the town.

The centuries-old mono-structure of copper mining has led to a one-sided economic situation. The aim is to reduce this past dependence on one industry by attracting newly industries and businesses to our recently developed industrial estates.

Eisleben can offer investors a multitude of centrally located areas which are conveniently situated for the transportation needs of industry, trades, business and services. Federal, regional and municipal grants are available, such as grants of up to 50% for projects which are considered to be worthy of financial support from the fund “Improvement of regional economic structure”. Additionally, Eisleben has developed areas for business and industry which can be acquired at reasonable rates. Eisleben can provide a workforce which possesses good qualifications in numerous occupations and trades.

Eisleben is home to the Centre for Technology and Start-up Businesses “Mansfelder Land”. The town aims to facilitate the creation of new businesses and business innovations.

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