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Kur- und Erholungsort Wippra

Kur- und Erholungsort Wippra


Wippra was first mentioned in sensus documents dating back to the year 840. The ruins of the once stately castle can still be seen on the Schlossberg. The Wippra Castle, like numerous others in the region, was built by the Earls of Mansfeld during their reign. When strategy changed, the upkeep became to costly, it was abandoned in the 16th Century. Just below the Schlossberg, exists 500 years of Brewing tradition in the form of the still active Wippra Brewery. The Brewery was built in 1480, in the same location, where it can be visited today and has been revived as a thriving business in 2004. Tours are available through the site. 

The town of Wippra, nestled against the lower Harz Mountains, is a charming, somewhat sleepy place, that is well known for its clean air and recreational facilities. A vacation resort since 1880, it has was a primary choice for a weekend excursion at the turn of the century. A Summer and Winter toboggan run with ski jump, offers year round fun,as does the swim club at the edge of the forest. Historical buildings like the Schieferhaus (Poststrasse 53), a timber framework house with an inscription from 1380 is worth a look, as is the baroque St. Mary’s Church, built in the 1800’s and the Pastors house built 1640 to 1649.

The mixed woodlands fields and meadows invite hikers and bikers to visits the trails. A favorite hiking destination is the Wippra reservoir and dam. For those wishing to let nature and sights roll past, there are horse drawn carriage rides, a double decker bus or the good old "Wipperliese", a regional train taken into service 1920, available for transportation.

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