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Seeburg and The Sweet Lake – „The Blue Eye of the Mansfeld Region"

Seeburg Schloss Südseite
Seeburg Schloss

About 12 km from Lutherstadt Eisleben, at the shore of the Sweet Lake, in the town of Seeburg, lies Seeburg Castle. It is believed that the castle dates back to 700. The Earls of Mansfeld bought the castle 1287 and then it became property of the Magdeburg Seminary. 1450 the fortification underwent the change to a Renaissance castle which Earl Gebhard completed in 1514. In the 16th century it was pawned due to great debt. It then changed hands several times again until it ended iproperty of the Wendenburg Family, who renovated it further and lived there until they were disowned between 1945 and 1949.

Today the castle has in part been rebuilt and the widows tower has been turned into vacation apartments. There is a restaurant on the terrace above the lake and weddings are celebrated in the chapel and the marriage office. The community of Seeburg organizes festivals, markets and other events year round.

The 4,8 km long and 800 m wide lake is a favorite destination of locals and tourists alike Surrounded by bike and hiking trails, peddle boats, swimming area and sailing areas the lake is a recreational center for the region.

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Seeburg Schloss Südseite
Seeburg Schloss

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