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Molmerswende – The Birthplace of the Poet Gottfried August Bürger

Bürgerhaus Molmerswende
Bürgerhaus Molmerswende
Gottfried August Bürger, also known as Jocosus Hilarius, was born 12.31.1747 in Molmerswende and died
06.08.1794 in Göttingen. His birthplace can be visited in Molmerswende. Bürger was a folk lyricist and a poet of ballads. History holds him responsible for a significant movement in German literature called “Storm and Impulse”, a period from the 1760s to the 1780s. His ballad "Lenore" and the book „The wonderful adventures of Baron Münchhausen” made him famous.

The birthplace is a museum since 1968 and is one of its kind on the subject of literature. A main part of the exhibit are items related to his works about Münchhausen. The 850 year old history of the village of Molmerswende is also on display.

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