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Mansfeld Lutherstadt

Mansfeld Lutherstadt

Mansfeld vom Schlossberg gesehen

Mansfeld, named after the Counts of Mansfeld, is situated at the entrance to the lower Harz Mountain region, near the Talbach Brook and the Wipper River. Cities directly associated with the great Reformer Martin Luther have the distinction of Lutherstadt attached to their name, meaning „City of Luther“, thus Mansfeld Lutherstadt. Martin Luther and his parents moved here from Eisleben 1483/84. They lived at Stufenberg 2 (today Spangenberggasse 2). They rented this house, until they were able, by means of hard work and stringent saving to buy house at Lutherstraße 26




Lutherhaus Mansfeld

The house Martin Luther’s father, Hans Luder and his wife rented was eventually torn down but the house they later owned can still be visited on guided tours today.






Other attractions are:

  • The Mansfeld Castle with the Church  
    First mentioned in 1229 it served as the residence two several of the Counts of Mansfeld 
  • The Luther fountain (built 1913),
  • The War Memorial
  • St. Georg’s Church

    City Information
    Lutherstraße 8, 06343 Mansfeld Lutherstadt
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    Fax: 034782-87122 

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