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Hettstedt Markt in Hintergrund St. Jakobi
Hettstedt Markt

Hettstedt is located at the Southeastern Edge of the Harz Mountains and about 15 minutes from the Lutherstadt Eisleben. Downtown Hettstedt is marked by its fortification walls, dating back to 1430 – 1439. Some gate and fortification towers can still be seen today. The most notable landmark ist he Saigertor (Saigergate), which used to be one of the city’s entrance portals. The late gothic St.-Jacobi-Church and City Hall (rebuilt several times after burning down and finally completely rebuilt in 1913) on the market place, are both architecually of great interest.

The city offers a variety of opportunities to experience culture and nature as one. like the „Bergfried“ or dungeon, the last tower which remains of the city’s castle. Other attractions are the St Gangolf Church, the mining memorial on the market place, the Zuckerhut or (Hexenturm) Sugar Loaf or (witches tower) which serves as a cultural mecca for artists of all kinds, the Mansfelder mining train and the Mansfeld Musem Hettstedt.



Mansfeldmuseum in Hettstedt

The Mansfeld Museum, in the former castle and manor "Wilhelm von Humboldt" contains an exhibition about the Mansfeld mining history, including tools and lighting instruments used by the miners. An extensive collection of geological and minerological objects is also on display. The property has a large open air museum of mining machines and metallurgical ovens. The main attraction is an exact copy of the first German steam engine (built in the style James Watt 1736-1819 scottish inventor) which was put into service 1785.



City Hall Hettstedt
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Lutherstädte Eisleben
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