Thema Lutherstätten

Getting there


The Lutherstadt Eisleben lies on the edge of the metropolitan areas of Leipzig and Halle –Saale in the state of Saxony-Anhalt. Known as Middle Germany, this region is considered to be the heart of Germany. Gateway to some of the most important historical and cultural sites in Germany. Served by the international Leipzig-Halle Airport, with train stations at the airport, in Leipzig, Halle and Eisleben, major roadsystems, including stretches of Autobahn and an extensive highway network , make the Lutherstadt Eisleben easily accessible by plane, train, bus or car.

By Plane: Leipzig-Halle Airport at Schkeuditz

By Train: Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) Information in English

By Car: approximately 1 hour ans 10 minutes from Leipzig and about ½ hour from Halle – 2 hours to Berlin – 1 hour to Magdeburg

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