Lutherstadt Eisleben Business Location of the region


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Basic Facts

Lutherstadt Eisleben has 26.190 inhabitants and is the largest and the most important town of the district of Mansfeld. Eisleben was first mentioned in a document of 994 and was granted its charter as a town in the 12th century.



Eisleben is situated on the periphery of Halle's and Leipzig's industrial areas. Eisleben’s excellent road connections are a fundamental factor as far as its economic development is concerned.

Locational factors


Eisleben can offer investors a multitude of areas which are conveniently situated for the transportation needs of industry, trades, business and services. Federal, regional and municipal grants are available for investors.



Department for Economic Support, Markt 1, 06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben
Department head: Gantz 
Tel: 03475-655500
Fax: 03475-655502

Schule, Jugend und Sport
Leiterin Frau Gantz
Münzstraße 10
06295 Lutherstadt Eisleben
Telefon: 03475 655500
Telefax: 03475 655502