Themenbild Gedenkstätten Luthers

The House of birth




The house, where Luther was born with school of poor
The house, where Luther
was born with school of poor
On 11/10 1483 Luther was born here.
The citizens of Eisleben have cared for centuries cared for the building were the great Reformer was born. This site of the road got his baroque look during the restauration period after the big burning of 1689. Of special interest is the Supraporte, above the main entrance, which shows a portrait of Martin Luther. Arcades and greenery enhance the other side of the house. The building, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites was reopened in March 2007 after extensive renovation. The exposition area has been enlarged from 200 to 700 m² during the restauration period from November 2005 til March 2007. The new exposition is called “That’s where I am from - Luther and Eisleben“. It shows the social structure of Luther childhood and early age. It also gives an impression of the pious way of life during the late Middle Ages.

visitor center opposite the house of birth
visitor center opposite
the house of birth
The newly built visitor center, opposite of Martin Luther’s birth house.

On display are about 250 exhibits from the 13th to 19th centuries. The main focus rests on the Luther’s baptism basin from 1518. This important experience in his life, connected to Eisleben for life. There are also reliefs of Nappian and Neucke made in 1290. Those legendary miners stand for the copper mining in the Mansfelder Land, which moved Luther’s parents to come to Eisleben. The exhibit, spreads over 13 rooms, each room dedicated to one theme. On the first floor visitors can have a look view into every day life of the Luder family - the original spelling of Luther. The rooms are built and decorated to recreate Luthers home environment.


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